Craftivist Fanzine header image in rainbow colors


Craftivist Fanzine #1 (April 2021)


Welcome to the inaugural launch of the Craftivist Fanzine...the global #bloghop [aka 'link party'] for craftivists around the world. We've made it super easy for you to share your inspiring handicrafts.

Forever grateful to all that follow these simple steps to post in this months #fanzine...

you have rights or permission to use the image

write a brief description (70ish characters) with keywords, hashtags

if sharing a link, point it to the #craftivist action page

keep it real, no shop promo or spam (ick!)

shout out about this page to your circle of family, friends and the like-minded. Thank Yu

#LinkParty#BlogHop #CraftivistFanzine