Rose River Memorial

California, USA

This community artwork project will represent the enormity of the loss from COVID-19.


California, USA

Piecing together voices, textiles & community in a 21st century sewing circle.

Motivating artivists.


California, USA

Raising awareness of homeless children. Join in by spreading hearts around your neighborhood!

Care For Three

Colorado, USA

Our intentions simple, make the world a better place one 'heartfelt' act of kindness at a time.


North Carolina, USA

Create & share your handmade, palm-size affirmations. Spread 'You Are So Very Beautiful' globally.

Persistent Stitches

Massachusetts, USA

All-volunteer crafting collective raising money for resistance, social justice, and anti-oppression.

Badass Cross Stitch

RV'ing USA

Creating art to inspire other people to create art. 'Join' BCS on her US RV tour across the United States.

Get Us PPE

Washington DC, USA

Makers & medical pros joining together to get healthcare workers protection they need to stay safe.

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