Craftivist Q&A

Everything you need to know to start 'creating change' for social justice & political causes that matter to you

Crafters Canvass is an all-volunteer 'create change' community with a mission of providing an open invitation and online platform for crafters across the nation.


Are you eager to support local grassroots causes with their own creative works? We're here for you and would love to have you on-board.

Crafters Canvass does not collect money directly

for any of the items in our HeartMade Market -

100% goes to our chosen campaigns and causes.

How do I join Crafters Canvass

Head over to RiseUp, fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch with all the details. To assure a positive & safe experience, all crafters are personally verified.

What will this cost me?

Crafters listing in the HeartMade Market incur all costs for their craft supplies, time & shipping to our supporters. List as many crafts as your budget can afford. 

What crafts can I list in the HeartMade Market?

Handicrafts & Printables made by you are openly accepted. Should you have any questions about the items you would like to place in the market please drop us a line to discuss.



on a mission

What grassroots campaigns or causes may I support?

Grassroots causes accepted for your listings on Crafters Canvass must be champions of social & political justice promoting a message of acceptance for the whole of humanity.


We support candidates and campaigns unafraid to be leaders in our quest for justice for all.

Lifting up orgs locally & nationally fighting on the front lines for equality and human decency.


We are getting into #goodtrouble in here and don't have time for anything or anyone with hate and division on their agenda.

How can I list my crafts in the HeartMade Market?

Once you've joined in we'll send you access info for an invite-only 'craftivist area' with all the details needed to start or continue your inspiring work right here on Crafters Canvass.


Each listing requires an about; you, your item and cause. plus a clear, close-up, 900px square image in jpeg format. An easy fill form, instructions, plus more are available to you in our 'craftivist area'.  INQUIRE here.

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